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A dynamic and competitive Euroregion

Less than 300 km from Europe’s largest cities (Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam and London), and 30 minutes from Lille, Dunkirk is a prime point of entry to Europe for serving your clients.

Largest port complex in France Discover seaport
205 M€ invested by businesses on average every year

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business assisted, including 435 set up since 1992


% of the businesses assisted have confirmed that our support was decisive for their development

Our team of business development experts has already helped more than 2,446 companies: more than 430 of them chose Dunkirk to develop their business and meet the needs of their customers. From SMEs to subsidiaries of international groups, find out who they are and how Dunkerque Promotion succeeded in stimulating their business.

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A long-term vision
Our close collaboration with each company has led to a number of long-term partnerships. Contact us to find out how our agency has simplified and speeded up the achievement of their projects and how Dunkirk’s advantages have helped to promote their growth.

Our team

Meet our team's experts who will soon be working with you

When you meet one of our advisers, you meet an expert in project assistance. Here are the people you will soon be working with to build the road map of your investment in Dunkirk.

franckhelias Franck Helias General Director, Business Manager

Franck worked in the oil and gas industry for nearly 20 years, holding a number of responsible positions in international groups. His experience abroad in managing complex projects has developed his character as a winner. He will give you meticulous and enthusiastic support as you set up or develop your business in Dunkirk.
Distinguishing features: A keen runner and diver, Franck will show you the unspoilt beauties of Flanders and take to you see the wrecks of boats, most of which sank off Dunkirk in May and June 1940, during Operation Dynamo.

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patrickpetit Patrick PETIT Deputy Director, Business Developer

Patrick held several responsible positions during his 20 years in an international logistics group, gaining solid experience in the fields of transport and industrial supply chains in contact with French and foreign companies. He joined Dunkerque Promotion in 2004 and very soon became its Deputy Director. As well as specialising in logistics, Patrick is particularly involved with the food industry and packaging sectors, but he will be able to support your project whatever your field of activity.

Distinguishing features: Patrick is an amateur photographer, and his sense of observation and analytical skills mean you can be sure of building a long-term partnership. For Dunkerque Promotion, supporting you in the long term is a real priority.

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fabiennemanceau Fabienne Manceau Communication Manager / promotion

After her studies in project management, Fabienne spent three years in Barcelona where she began her career in communications. Self-taught, energetic, and committed to her work, she has handled the management of press trips and international events. Fabienne is also convinced that her home city of Dunkirk offers many advantages, which she stresses at every opportunity.

Distinguishing features: A lover of outdoor sports, Fabienne runs regularly and rides in the nearby countryside with her cycling club. With her warm and dynamic personality she will ably promote your business and make your firm known in the region and beyond.

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brunohalipre Bruno HALIPRÉ Business Developer, Agency Quality Manager

If you have a project in the service sector, metallurgy or new technologies, Bruno is your man. The setups of the OVH datacentre, the Capdune customer relations centre of the Arvato Services Group (500 workstations) and, more recently, the assembly plant of the Japanese firm Kubota, all testify to his efficiency and the care he will bring to your project. He is also Quality Manager for the agency, which has been ISO 9001 certified since 1999, and can advise you at each stage of your development.

Distinguishing features: Marathon runner and high-tech enthusiast!

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laurence Laurence Synaeghel Administration Manager

Laurence worked in the Paris area for several years before returning to her home region. Her job covers a range of fields in management control and budgetary and financial monitoring: figures hold no secrets for her!

Distinguishing features: Laurence is the smiling face of the agency! Dynamic and always cheerful, she will arrange everything to ensure your visit to us is both useful and enjoyable.

+33 (0)3 28 22 12 26
lionellammin Lionel LAMMIN Business Developer

After several years in Benelux, Lionel joined the team to assist Belgian and Dutch investors. He also develops financial businesses relating to tourism, dependency (silver economy), sustainable mobility, and the social and solidarity economy (SSE).

Distinguishing features: Lionel is a rugby player, so he has plenty of team spirit and perseverance which he will use to help you meet your goals.

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4 August 2017

Major facility In Bierne, near Dunkerque, the Ball Packaging plant is thriving. Beverage can consumption has shot up in France, rising from 17 per person in 1994 to 76 today, and thanks to this strong growth, the Hauts-de-France plant generated sales of €65 million in 2015. “The Bierne site is at the intersection of our three largest markets: the UK,…

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5 July 2017

Click here to read the magazine The world premiere will take place in London on 13 July 2017, with the French premiere being held in Dunkirk three days later on Sunday 16 July, in the presence of Christopher Nolan and his wife and co-producer Emma Thomas. That will be Dunkirk’s day of red carpets and glitter, almost like Cannes…

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30 May 2017

Dans le cadre du concours numérique étudiants « Boost my op’ » co-organisé par Total et Air Liquide et destiné à proposer des innovations digitales pour améliorer l’équipement de l’opérateur du futur, une quarantaine d’étudiants sont venus visiter le plateau technique de l’établissement des Flandres de Total à Dunkerque. L’idée était de confronter leurs différents projets aux réalités de terrain. Lors de…

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