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With a traffic of more than 15 millions T which represent 600 000 trucks and 700 000 tourism vehicules, the port of Dunkirk is one of the natural entry doors from and to the United Kingdom. Regarding the Brexit, controls (customs, veterinary, phytosanitary) which didn’t exist until now have been put in place on the borders.

In order to maintain the fluidity and the speed, which are big assets of the port of Dunkirk, work had to be done to adapt the port to the new changes.

The “Transmanche” operators, either exporters, importers, carriers or logisticians have legitimate expectations when it comes to the performance of the port. In that sense, a work has been put in place in collaboration with the French Customs and the veterinary services in order to assure the performance of the port.

Cliquez ici pour découvrir toutes les actions mises en place. 


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