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The new facility  DILLINGER is the first in Germany to use hydrogen as a reducing agent in blast furnaces under normal conditions. Its principle consists of injecting coking plant gas rich in hydrogen in order to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible. It is therefore an important step in the context of the strategy of producing “green” steel and the rational use of resources.

Beyond that, this innovative technique also makes it possible to collect important lessons on the use of HYDROGEN for the production of steel. It should lead THE GERMAN STEEL FACTOR to use pure hydrogen in its two blast furnaces in the medium term. However, to ensure the full conversion of steel production to hydrogen, which will then involve other technologies such as electric furnaces and hydrogen-based direct reduction plants, it will be necessary to “green” hydrogen is available in sufficient quantity in Saarland at competitive conditions. In the meantime, LA TÔLERIE DE DUNKERQUE will be able to boast of producing heavy plates with greener steel.


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