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After the successful implementation of a capture pilot with a capacity of 1 ton / hour in 2014 on the Le Havre thermal production site, EDF plans to carry out a new project in Dunkirk. The process that EDF wants to test is “carbonation” which consists of storage, by injection, in minerals, in this case in combustion residues. The aggregates thus obtained could be used in the field of public works, for example.

The objective is to carry out this project on an Energy Recovery Center (CVE), like the one owned by the Urban Community of Dunkirk. Indeed, such a project would allow the CVE to become an installation with negative CO2 emissions (the CVE burns 50% of biomass; this biomass having itself already contributed to the absorption of CO2 during its life, capture and use or storing the CO2 that it emits during its combustion amounts to emitting negative CO2).

Beyond that, EDF wishes to strengthen a regional dynamic around the CO2 theme, in particular with the 3D program linked to the NORWEGIAN NORTHERN LIGHTS PROJECT. The CO2 that will be used to demonstrate the feasibility of carbonation is only part of the CO2 that will be captured under this project; the surplus must therefore be stored in saline cavities.

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