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The Hauts-de-France, an appealing region for foreign investors


Dunkerque News

Dunkerque News 73: The Dunkirk territory is undergoing an industrial rejuvenation

Dunkerque News 72 : Dunkirk decarbonises its industry and territory

Dunkerque News 71 : Dunkirk: Towards the territory’s economic revival

Dunkerque News 70 : On the occasion of the “Choose France Summit”, Emmanuel Macron came to Dunkirk

Dunkerque News 69 : Innovation and transition for Dunkirk companies

Dunkerque News 68 : Dunkirk supports the sustainable industries of LNG and Biogas

Dunkerque News 67 : Dunkirk welcomes the energy of the future

Dunkerque News 66 : The territory operates its transition through innovation

Dunkerque News 65 : Special edition Dunkerque Port

Dunkerque News 64: Special issue Industrial ecology

Dunkerque News 63: Special issue Business property

Dunkerque News 62: Special issue Entrepreneurship

Dunkerque News 61: Special issue Benelux

Dunkerque News 60: Special issue “Dunkirk” thriller

Dunkerque News 59 

Dunkerque News 58: Download 

Dunkerque News 58: Online

Dunkerque News n°54

Dunkerque News n°55

Dunkerque News n°56

Dunkerque News n° 57: online

Dunkerque News n°57: download


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the 7 stereotypes of Dunkirk

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