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La Nouvelle Rizerie du Nord, directed by the Soechit family, was assisted by Dunkerque Promotion in their development project. Based in Dunkirk since 1981, the firm has now made a significant investment to modernise its production line. This project has been supported by Dunkirk Urban Community and the Hauts de France Region, and will create seven new jobs.

“Our company specialises in importing top-quality rice under the Palmier brand name. From long-grain Basmati rice to perfumed, parboiled and risotto rices, and round-grain rice for puddings, our range is highly diversified, but always of the highest quality. Our products are sold throughout the world.  We procure them from Surinam, our home country, and from several other countries in Asia as well as from Europe, and particularly Italy. Our customers represent every kind of distributor, from small retailers to wholesalers and industrial firms, and the French market only represents 10 to 15% of our business. We have invested 1.5 million Euros to modernise our production equipment, because our productivity was no longer adequate for our ambition to maintain a good position on the national and international markets. Our target is 20 to 25,000 tonnes a year, twice our current production, and we are planning another investment of 1 million Euros. For this development project we have been supported by the local authorities and have received grants from the Urban Community and the Region. Dunkerque Promotion assisted us in the management of our financial aid applications and much more. They fully met our expectations in terms of advice and responsiveness.”

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