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“There are two projects that directly affect our Dunkirk site. First, the construction of a pilot project on one of our blast furnaces which minimises our greenhouse gas emissions by re-injecting process gas rich in CO2 into the blast furnace after converting it using a plasma torch. It’s a project ,worth 8.6 million Euro which will have been tested for one year by 2020. Our Dunkirk site was chosen for the set-up of this pilot project because it’s a high performance site, one of the most important in the group. Then, we recently selected the port of Dunkirk to ship 2,000 containers of steel bobbins per year to Asia and Africa. Previously, we would have gone through the port of Antwerp. It’s the first phase of a total which could amount to 5,300 containers per year. We made this choice for environmental reasons but particularly because we were able to find a more economical solution by negotiating with all the port’s stakeholders (the terminal operator, shipping companies’ representatives, stevedoring firms, etc.).”

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