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“OMTD is a subsidiary of the Belgian group ABC Diesel which set up in Petite-Synthe in March 2016. We are specialised in the maintenance and sale of high-power industrial motors, particularly for the maritime, rail, construction, nuclear and power generation sectors. 19 jobs have been created since our arrival, and we are already planning to recruit more staff. We chose Dunkirk for our first setup outside Belgium, because of its proximity to the Gravelines nuclear power plant – where we have won a large contract – as well as for its fast-growing port, which will allow us to develop the maritime side of our business. In addition, Dunkirk is only an hour’s drive from our headquarters in Ghent. During our setup we found Dunkerque Promotion to be a very responsive facilitator and, thanks to its large network, we very quickly obtained reliable information about the places where we could settle. Dunkerque Promotion also introduced us to the people who could help us with our financial package. The time between our decision to come to Dunkirk and the project actually materialising was only six months, and that was largely due to Dunkerque Promotion.”

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