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“In holding these meetings dedicated to the decarbonised industry of the 21st century, Dunkirk shows that it remains committed to being at the forefront of tackling global warming. And in meeting this challenge, which is “the concern of the century”, our territory’s stakeholders have opted for innovation as a way of modernising Europe’s first energy platform. Furthermore, over the coming years, this ambition will be reflected in the development of a true centre of excellence dedicated to energy efficiency, named Euraénergie, on our jetty 2. The aim is clear: to use the energy transition to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating the jobs of tomorrow in one of the country’s main industrial basins. To reach this aim, we have decided to develop our circular economy, with an industrial fabric rationale, which will help us to strengthen the links between the various local companies. In doing so, we’re once again showing how a sense of community is one of the values that characterise the Dunkirk territory. Because in Dunkirk, our energy has always been in creation: jobs, value and solidarity.


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