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Dunkerque Promotion accompanied Piet Brysse, a Belgian investor, in the reflection of his real estate project in the territory. After the first positive results, the agency continues to support him in the second phase of this project: the development of a BUSINESS PARK AND A SHOPPING AND LEISURE AREA on the site of a former wire drawing plant in Bourbourg.

“It’s the professional project of a lifetime, it’s here that I put all my energy”. A Belgian investor based near Bruges, he arrived in the Dunkirk region with the project of buying agricultural land in order to rent it to farmers. Instead, a Bourbourg notary offered him 13 hectares of land and 55,000 m2 of buildings, most of which were dilapidated. “I came to see the set and decided to buy. Without knowing what I was going to do with it”, specifies, imperturbable, Piet Brysse. “Then I created different areas on the ground. It helped me a lot to see things more clearly. This is how my project to develop a business park was born,” he comments.

Located halfway between Dunkirk and Calais, along the highway, the area he imagines is rather well placed. Piet Brysse had 9 cells of 360 m2 each built in 2018, with 140 m2 of private parking. “You have to believe that I got it right since in barely three months, they were all rented”, specifies the investor.

Encouraged by this first success, Piet Brysse launched, at the beginning of 2020, the construction of 9 other cells, of dimensions between 120 and 720 m2, with for some of them offices and traveling cranes, for which he had quickly received signs of ‘interest.

Today (March 2022), the entrepreneur is finalizing the construction of larger cells (between 300 and 400 m²) mixing offices and the possibility of housing, a new concept quite widespread in Belgium (private-work mix). A brewery will complete the whole at the end of 2022.

Never short of ideas, Piet Brysse is also leading a project to build a crèche and new co-working offices, the completion of which is scheduled for early 2023.

Next will come (early 2024) the launch of a commercial area for which it has already found brands that have pre-booked cells.

“We are currently studying the possibility of becoming “autonomous in terms of energy, and in particular of electricity, thanks to the installation of solar panels and wind turbines”.

Last stage of this impressive project on the 2025-2026 horizon: the “housing” component, particularly with a view to the arrival of major industrial projects such as Verkor. The Belgian entrepreneur plans to build 55 rental units, houses and apartments.

“Between the purchase of the site, the demolitions and the fittings, I estimate my investment at 35 million euros now,” says Piet Brysse. “A hundred people are already working on site today. Ultimately, the project should generate the creation of around 300 jobs. I am very happy to be able to participate in the economic revitalization of Bourbourg, which had a really bad experience at the time of the closure of its wire drawing mills. I really fell in love with this city, this region. I hope to be able to spen

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