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“The FLOCMAT company is specialised in printing on mats, for the retail market as well as for industry and agriculture. We are the only French firm in this business sector, and we market our products both in France and abroad. The company was acquired by the French ID Group in March 2009, and this gave FLOCMAT a renewed dynamic and boosted our turnover – with the result that our historic premises in Esquelbecq soon became too small, and to avoid having to turn down orders, we had to find new buildings that were better suited to our needs. We contacted Dunkerque Promotion because, being a small firm with a staff of 15, we did not have the expertise in-house to make this development project a success. Dunkerque Promotion offered us several buildings in the territories of Dunkirk Urban Community and the Hauts de Flandres District Council (CCHF). We very quickly chose a building of 2,300 m2 in Wormhout, to which the municipality had exercised a pre-emptive right. It was ideally situated on the edge of the A25 motorway, and near the premises we wanted to leave, which made the move easier. Dunkerque Promotion put us in touch with the municipality and the CCHF and supported our application. The agency also helped us in implementing the conditions for purchase of the building, in accomplishing the administrative formalities, and in the organisation and planning of the move itself. Quite simply, Dunkerque Promotion was our facilitator throughout the whole process. Without their help our project would have gone forward, but much more slowly, I’m sure. Dunkerque Promotion’s expertise and knowledge of the area and its networks are essential to the development and growth of VSEs such as ours.”

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