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“We’ve chosen Dunkirk firstly because Ypres is just 40 kilometres away, but also because the traffic conditions on the way to the port of Dunkirk are much better than to Antwerp. The port of Dunkirk has also given us a warm welcome and very favourable terms. Plus, we’ll be right beside the container terminal. Perfect from a logistics point of view! Finally, we are convinced that with Brexit just around the corner, a warehouse in Dunkirk that can guarantee speedy deliveries to our British customers despite new customs restraints can only be considered an asset.”

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24HFrost has built a new fully automated cold storage warehouse at the port of Dunkirk, with a capacity to hold 12,400 pallets. The company stocks a wide range of frozen products for the European market and for export. They guarantee a smooth service and are a recognised customs depot that offers customers considerable added value for both import and export.

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